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Legendary musician Chuck Berry has died, police confirm. He was 90.
The St. Charles County Police Department in Missouri confirmed on Facebook that they responded to a medical emergency on Saturday afternoon where they found an unresponsive man.
“St. Charles County police responded to a medical emergency on Buckner Road at approximately 12:40 p.m. today (Saturday, March 18),” the police department said in a statement. “Inside the home, first responders observed an unresponsive man and immediately administered lifesaving techniques. Unfortunately, the 90-year-old man could not be revived and was pronounced deceased at 1:26 p.m.
“The St. Charles County Police Department sadly confirms the death of Charles Edward Anderson Berry Sr., better known as legendary musician Chuck Berry.”
“The family requests privacy during this time of bereavement.”
This is a developing story.

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In the past, Coachella concert-goers interested in getting a bit of a taste of the hotel life would have had to trek away from the music festival to an actual hotel. Now, Marriott is bringing its boutique hotel flare to the festival’s field with a handful of luxury tents.

Marriott International announced that it is designing eight of Coachella’s Safari Tents for this year’s festival, giving concert-goers the opportunity to “glamp” during the two-weekend festival that kicks off next month.

Each of the eight safari tents will be redesigned to resemble a different Marriott boutique hotel, including Moxy, AC Hotels, and others. Each room comes with a luxury bed, air conditioning, shower, and other amenities.

Guests can’t just book the tents like a regular room. Instead, those hoping to score one of the tents — which will only be available the weekend of April 20 to 23 — have to win the ability to stay in the rooms by bidding their Marriott or Starwood hotel loyalty reward points.

Four tents will be available for bids from Starwood loyalty members, three for Marriott members, and one for all Marriott reward members who sign up at Marriott’s Experience Marketplace, the Los Angeles Times reports.

So far, the rooms have between zero and four bids, according to Marriott’s auction pages. Bidding will end March 31 or April 6 depending on the room.

While having the ability to rest your head on a hotel bed a short walk from the concerts you were just jamming out to is convenient, it got us thinking about how Coachella lodging has evolved over the years. How did we get to a luxury tent from Marriott?

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Final Part!

“I don’t think there is anything in this bill that makes the market a lot more attractive to insurers,” said Larry Levitt, a policy expert at the Kaiser Family Foundation.
The law would leave in place many of Obamacare’s regulations, which companies say make insurance plans pricey. Rules that insurance companies must charge the same prices to healthy or sick customers will remain, as will the requirement that every plan include basic benefits, including prescription drugs and rehabilitation services. The law would allow plans to charge slightly higher deductibles than allowed under Obamacare, and the C.B.O. expects that some of the more generous plans on the market will be phased out.
Although the budget office says the overall market would be stable under the new plan, rural areas could become even less attractive to insurers. Insurance companies tend to shun these areas because medical care is expensive, leading to high premiums.
Tax credits in the Republican plan don’t adjust for the local cost of insurance, so people with expensive plans in states like Alaska, Arizona and Nebraska could find themselves paying much more, according to a recent analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. A result could be that far fewer people sign up for coverage if the gaps between their subsidies and premiums widen.
The Republicans’ plan does take some steps to help stabilize the market by setting up a separate fund for states to help cover people with the most expensive conditions. The C.B.O. thinks the $80 billion allocated to the states will have a significant impact, not only by lowering overall premiums but also by reducing the risk to an insurer from providing coverage. The budget office describes these funds as contributing “substantially” to the stability of the market, though exactly how to use the money would be up to the states.
The White House and congressional leaders have been arguing that any assessment of the current health bill alone is incomplete. The Department of Health and Human Services is working on regulatory changes, and Republicans in Congress may introduce additional bills to reform the health insurance system. But those proposals are yet to be seen, and may be limited in how much they can change. Many of Obamacare’s rules for health insurers are specified in law. And any legislative changes would require the approval of at least eight Senate Democrats to overcome a filibuster.
For now, it looks as if the Republican plan would make the markets less stable in the short term, and possibly make them equally stable, if smaller, 10 years from now. But if the plan never passes, forecasts of a death spiral may be premature.

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What happens when two heavyweights in the real estate industry sit down and paper a strategic partnership? Big things.

With the Milborne Group of Toronto being a prominent force in real estate for over 40 years, they aim to serve their customers beyond the Canadian borders and into a popular Canadian destination, the beautiful coastline of Florida. With a leap like this across the border lines, this leads into their latest partnership with a group who knows US real estate, Pordes Residential.

Pordes Residential, known for their full service sales and marketing chops, have represented the high-end section of the condo and condo hotel market for the past 25 years in Miami, Toronto, Caribbean and more. More impressively, selling in downturn markets, something that Canadians haven’t had to face a lot over the years.

What you may not know is two surprising stats regarding the Canadian influence on Florida, specifically Miami. Did you know that Canadians have overtaken Colombia as the top international country searching for Miami real estate (according to what Miamire saw on their data in October of 2016). Additionally, according to The Guardian, just under half of a million Canadians head to the sunny shores of Florida to visit family, go down to their second homes or enjoy a short flight down to enjoy a nice vacation. Almost half a million people per year. That’s almost like every single person who lives in Kitchener, Ontario, all heading south to Florida every year.

What will the partnership mean?

The two real estate leaders will be working together towards two of the most interesting, branded properties in the south of Florida. Pordes Residential and Milborne Group have come to great to focus on these two developments listed below.

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But those recent woes are not the same thing as a death spiral, a technical term used to describe a complete market failure in which premiums spiral upward so only the sickest customers buy coverage.
Growing evidence suggests that the markets, despite their problems, are far from collapse. Because of how the current subsidies work, people were generally shielded from this year’s higher prices, and enrollment has remained steady. Several recent analyses argue that this year’s increase was a market correction, and that a smoother market would follow in the years ahead.
Many insurers had been struggling to make money but now seem closer to breaking even, said Deep Banerjee, an analyst with Standard & Poor’s. This includes Health Care Service Corp., which operates Blue Cross plans in numerous states and recently reported that financial results improved in 2016. The industry should do even better this year because of higher premiums and other changes the insurers have made.
But this assumes that nothing changes. The C.B.O. concludes that the Republican bill would make the markets far shakier over the next two years. A big reason is that it would do away with Obamacare’s individual mandate, a financial penalty devised to encourage signups among healthy customers and to keep prices down.
Without it, the office predicts that premiums would rise 15 to 20 percent, and that 7 million people would leave the market. (In 2020, when a new tax credit system kicks in, prices are expected to start going down, as enrollment keeps falling for several years.) That first year of sharp price increases and substantial coverage losses would play out during the midterm congressional elections.
In addition to creating this turbulence, the C.B.O. report found, the House plan would do little to increase competition or increase choice.
It is hard to see how the bill would entice insurers into the market if they are not already selling coverage. Many companies were initially attracted to the Obamacare markets by the idea of a large and growing pool of people ready to buy their plans. But they have been discouraged by lower-than-expected enrollment and the challenges of making money.
While there may be fewer restraints on the kind of policies the companies could offer under the Republican plan, the budget office estimates the individual market will be much smaller in the next few years. So insurers would have to decide if the effort was worth their while.

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If you listen to a typical Republican politician, the Affordable Care Act’s insurance markets are in a “death spiral,” “imploding,” “collapsing” or “will fall of their own weight.” That’s part of the rationale behind the new House proposal to reshape the health care system.
On Monday night, House Speaker Paul Ryan repeated this line, even in the face of projections that his plan could lead to 24 million fewer Americans with health insurance in 10 years. “Put this against the backdrop that Obamacare is collapsing,” he said in an interview with Fox News. “This, compared to the status quo, is far better.”
But the new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office contradict this long-held talking point. According to the budget office, the Obamacare markets will remain stable over the long run, if there are no significant changes. The House plan would cause near-term turmoil, it found, but the markets would eventually become stable. “The nongroup market would probably be stable in most areas under either current law or the legislation,” said the report, using the technical term for the market where people buy their own health insurance.
Mr. Ryan is right that the Obamacare market has endured hardships. It isn’t as competitive as many of its advocates had hoped, and shoppers in many parts of the country have only one insurer to choose from. Prices, which were lower than expected in the first few years of the program, spiked this year by an average of 22 percent across the country. There have also been some high-profile exits from insurers like Aetna, UnitedHealth Group and most recently Humana. Rural counties have been particularly hard hit.

To Be Continued

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A picture of a woman buying a ticket at an airline counter has gone viral for a heartwarming reason.

The photo’s caption tells the story a father who was checking in for a flight with his 2-year-old daughter when he found out that his daughter’s ticket would not be free, according to KUSA.

“A gentleman was checking in for his flight when the agent asked how old his daughter was,” the post reads. “He said she had recently turned two. The agent then asked if she had a ticket. The man was confused because he was under the impression she could ride for free. (When he booked the ticket, she was [1 year old] but her birthday was in January.)”

The man was overwhelmed with emotion as he couldn’t afford the high cost of a second ticket for his young daughter.

“He stepped aside and tried to make a few calls. Hugging his daughter and grabbing his head, you could tell he was heartbroken,” the post reads.

Suddenly, a stranger approaches the emotional father. After talking with him for a while, she went to the ticket counter, pointed at the young girl and said, “I wanna buy her ticket.”

The agent, shocked, asked her if she was aware that a last minute ticket on the flight would be $749. Unfazed, the woman pulled out her credit card and paid the full price.

“The agent kept talking about her goosebumps while the man hugged the woman and asked for her name to repay her,” the post continued. “The woman just kept saying, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ She knew she wanted to help that man and his daughter no matter what the cost.”

he story was posted on the social media site Love What Matters on March 8. The site collects submissions recounting strangers’ acts of kindness and love.

The post ends asking people to share the story so the woman’s act of kindness would be known to more people than just those in the situation.

“Please share this story because people like this need to be recognized,” the author says.

As of March 10, the post has more than 165 thousand likes and over 32 thousand shares. Hundreds of commenters wrote how the story had touched their heart and how the woman is an inspiration.

One user wrote that she knows the woman in the picture.

“I won’t share who this lady is. But I do know her,” she writes. “I know her family kids and grandkids get together frequently to discuss how they can use the abundance and blessings they get to serve and give back to others. She is an inspiration every time I see her and is constantly giving freely. She is so full of Love for everyone and does what is needed without being asked.”